On-site we offer four beautiful lakes totalling approximately 4 acres in size. These are now well established as they were added to the site in 2008, with the larger lake being 2 acres in size. They are situated next to the campsite, with easy access, BUT accessed through a gate for safety purposes for our younger visitors.


The larger lake is stocked with carp and the smaller ones are stocked with a mixture of Bream, Tench and Roach. The largest fish are approximately 20lbs. We also have a large farm pond on site with a mixture of Carp (over 10lb) and Silver fish. There is also access to the River Cherwell/Oxfordshire Canal approximately 400 meters from the Campsite (again accessed through a gate) with our own single bank fishing.


All fishing is free of charge to all staying on site. Please phone if you require further information.



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